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TechNerds is an expert in providing E-Learning for K-12 and higher education solutions to client groups such as schools, organizations, universities, and many more. Our goal is to provide aspirants with information about advanced electronic technology that is relevant to their needs.

Custom-style automated platform with advanced software to allow aspirants to access content from anywhere and deliver E-Learning programs through analysis.



Our well-defined expertise thrives to provide top-notch training initiative to the aspirants. The learning analytics helps the teachers to get a hint to identify the at-risk learners so that they can assist them to achieve success with their intervention. Based on the recommendation systems, we generate content which is adaptive based on the learners’ skills and preferences.

Consulting Services

Enriched Development- Rely on our experts for your effective learning strategies. We help to develop to deliver training and learning experiences to set ambitions and encourage talent with our proven technologies such that the organizations get benefited from opportunities that the future workforce will require, and learners will notice fruitful results.

Application Modernization

Meeting key drivers for the application automation & strategies. With changing economic conditions and businesses moving towards the outcomes, educational institutions are interested in modernization to improve the institution's performance and operational efficiency. The student experience is directly proportional to the better outcomes and accelerated technologies act as an additional support.

Inventory Services

Expert insight on inventory control and techniques across advanced technologies. We do not limit our boundaries to helping the learners but help the organization manage it's inventory such that it reduces their manual work, maintain assets, track the inventories, and provide insights of assets performance. We also work on customization of the application to fit your requirements.

Digital Services

Designed digitally with high-quality content for aspirants. The applications developed help the students to get access to digital curriculum. It also provides real-time analytical dashboards based on their performance. The demand for this platform expanded even more in the COVID phase. We were able to provide content in the form of documents, videos and tasks via the web platforms. The assessment happens in the same portal and feedback/comments are shared by the respective educators.

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